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Memories are being made whether you like it or not so, why not curate them?!?

 Your life is a collection of stories & those stories are made of experiences.

By creating intentional experiences, you can ignite life-long memories. 

It is our place to get you started with your collection of moments.


Our Month of Moments is designed to inspire you to make connections with the special people around you.

You can use this resource in many one a day, save this as your secret weapon for those special occasions or to get out of the doghouse.

However you use these ideas, please remember to tag us on social media and use the hashtags: 

#MomentoftheMonth #MemoryMakerInc #MemoryMaking 


Then link to the buying page. To say something like "Introductory offer" Complimentary or have $9.99 crossed, and then it goes to that price  9/29/19. Please let me know your thoughts. 

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