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Takia Ross, Owner and Lead Make-Up Artist
Accessmatized, LLC

Home of Pretty Mobile Baltimore

DMV's First Mobile Make-Up Studio
Instagram: @Accessmatized
Cell:  443-629-4254

     What would I do without the "Memory Maker"? I'm not quite sure but what I am most definitely certain of, is that I don't want to find out!  Chenire has been assisting me and my business with making memories for over 3 years now.  From ensuring that my make-up classes have the right aesthetic for my GLAMBULOUS attendees, to helping me launch Pretty Mobile Baltimore (DMV's First Mobile Make-Up Studio) to now, leading my consulting team for the launch of my new studio space; Chenire does it all! 


     She knows the who's who in Baltimore and has connections that are able to open doors that no one else can.  Not only has she been invaluable with ensuring that my business brand is at the forefront of all I do, she has also assisted me in planning for personal life events.  With my busy schedule, I am often unable to plan for the "memories" that I would like to make with the ones I love for their special days.  I no longer worry, because with a quick call to Chenire "it's handled"! From hotel choices, dinner reservations, gift ideas, even down to the type of thank you cards to send...I no longer worry and, I'm making memories that will last a lifetime.


     Everyone needs a Chenire in their life!


Yolanda Jenkins
Co-Founder & CEO

College Girl Inc.

Supporting Higher Achievement by Providing Shoulders to Stand On!

     It was College Girl Inc.'s five year anniversary and, I was in need of a space to host it. I thought I could tackle this myself, but after many calls and timing wasted, I gave an S.O.S (Sister Obviously Struggling) to Chenire at Memory Maker Inc. She quickly accessed the need and connected us with her many contacts. The place was gorgeous and the memories were priceless!

Qiana Green
Blushing Bride

     My bridal shower was absolutely wonderful! There were little details and touches that warmed my heart. Chenire thought of every moment from my arrival to departure. The departure: culminating in a surprise trip to Miami with my sisters and best friends. She really made a memory for me that will last a lifetime!

Monica R. Maith
Visionary. Designer. Stylist

The MRM Collection

Fashion. Beauty. Home. Office. Gift.


The MRM Show

Style. Design. Inspiration

     After settling in at my new MRM Studio in Mt. Vernon, I realized that there were touches of the Memory Maker...EVERYWHERE! The throw on the ottoman, the decorative box resting in the entertainment nook that housed the uber soft chenille throw gifted by The One & Only Memory Maker, the many special occasion cards peaking out from every corner...all constant reminders of the talent, love and thoughtfulness of the Memory Maker-In-Chief.


  All of these amazing gifts and expressions resurrected the extraordinary memories that we have made over the years. I have been privileged to walk, run and flip on this incomparable journey with the visionary behind this compelling gift known as Memory Maker Inc. 


     As we've worked on this website and a plethora of projects together, I recognize myself as the Mover and Shaker as well as the Gratitude Guru whom will enlist the help of the one and only Memory Maker: Chenire. Thank you for all that you do!




Quinn Conyers
Chief Fashion Officer

Purse Paparazzi

A Clutch For Every Occasion

     If you have an event or upcoming occasion that you want to remember for the rest of your life, your first phone call should be to Chenire! 


     As a current client of Memory Maker Inc., I have hired her for several special occasions to add the WOW factor and, she delivered. She personally styled 5 models - a 3 scene photo shoot under my company the Purse Paparazzi. 


     She also  served as my personal stylist when I updated my professional headshot and website images! I loved and was pleased so much with her creativity and attention to detail and color combination that I hired her as an interior designer to update my bedroom. She turned my spare bedroom into a walk-in closet! When I walked in I felt like I was on an HGTV show! But, her biggest project that left me the most pleased is when she turned my basement into a man cave for my husband's birthday! His excitement, shock and approval on the new space made me feel like an awesome wife! It was something I knew I couldn't pull off on my own but, with Chenire's help and creative spirit, the job was well done! 


     If you want to take your event, occasion or experience to a new dimension, Hire Chenire! She is professional, forward thinking and adds so many small touches to your special day that the average person would forget! 


     Chenire is the ultimate Memory Maker! I highly recommend her services! 

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