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You have passion, potential and purpose, and you love your business. You have everything but a plan. Does getting married and having a family mean you should put your dream career on the backburner?  Hell, no.

Relationship management expert and author Chenire Carter takes the pressure off powerhouse professionals and entrepreneurs by showing them how to prioritize their partners while they run their business. In You Can Have Both: The Guilt-Proof Guide To Managing Your Relationship Like You Do Your Business, you will learn how to:

  • Lose the guilt around operating a business while being in a relationship

  • Learn proven strategies to keep the spark lit, even when it's not your focus

  • Create a plan for your relationship like you do for your business

  • Banish the boring and basic way you are managing your business and your relationship

  • Empower your man to love you and what you do while showing him how to support your dream

If you are torn between your career and your man, this is the book that empowers you to have both.



Book: You Can Have Both...

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