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Couple Care™ is the ultimate solution to confidently ensure that you and your partner keep the spark alive. This is for progressive couples who want to WIN in every area of life including professionally and DEFINITELY PERSONALLY. They know that the next DECADE only starts with the year 2020. It’s a year of vision & transformation, and they have decided that they will not leave their relationship out of the equation.


We create a plan for your relationship like you would a business that will increase your VALUE to your partner. By working with The Memory Maker, you will experience a total transformation in the way you ‘manage” your relationship. Go from exhausted to engaged & energized.



We provide strategies and support to BUSY HR professionals who want to create or enhance organizational culture and/or boost morale. We increase the capacity of companies to do the very necessary things of working on employee retention and engagement.


We recognize that in the day-to-day HR functions of recruiting, hiring, and performance management that often establishing, improving, and maintaining organizational culture unfortunately, is not the priority. We allow companies to build an employee-centric environment by having strategies to keep morale high and retain the best employees.



Let us curate the backdrop to your memories! Whether for an event or an interior space, it’s the details and décor that enhance the stories.


For us, memories are your favorite stories to tell. We blend form & functionality in your spaces. We enhance experiences for your guests either at a conference or at your home. Our priority is to consider how you FEEL in a space. For events, we highlight your brand and for homes we curate your signature style.

Let us create you’re S.T.Y.L.E (Start To Your Lifestyle Elevated)!


Let's Make Some Memories

Wanna make more memories that matter and leave a lasting impression in love, life and business?!? put in a monthly drawing for a free consultation with the Memory Maker?!?



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