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To ignite intentional experiences that create lifelong memories



To live in a world where everyone feels loved, valued and appreciated



Shared experiences ignite CONNECTION and bring us closer together in our human experience.

Inward REFLECTION of our past sparks thoughtful CURIOSITY of our life choices today.

EMPATHY enables us to understand the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others and moves us to give of ourselves. 

TRADITION creates legacy and ignites PURPOSE when it is created with intention and repeated over time. 

The use of the imagination and CREATIVITY spurs wonder and fondness which have the power to change the way we engage with the world.

Memory Maker Inc (MMI) was unofficially established in 2001, when our memory maker in chief decided to start making intentional efforts to host, provide, create and curate experiences for friends and family. Flying kites, picnics in the park, candle lit dinners with a personal chef, surprises of all kinds. It wasn’t a business, it was a passion. Year after year, the “missions” grew. Bigger, better and more clandestine. It was important that the work was done undercover because acts of kindness are received better that way. Now we plan to share the secrets…in secret of course. 


In 2016, we launched Memory Maker Inc. We discovered the secret sauce to making a memory...enhancing a story. Intention, Intrigue, and Thoughtfulness were just a few of the key ingredients; and...will be our pleasure to deliver. We will do all of the work while you take all of the credit!


We have found that there are few key archetypes for our services: 


  • Those who aren’t ok with ok.

  • Those who like to leave an impression.

  • The go to persons who enjoy having a secret weapon.

  • And, those who want to make an occasion count.

Memory Maker Inc. was expressly created to make your occasions your favorite stories to tell. Your life is full of stories. If you don’t make them memorable, friends...what is the point?!? We have learned that there is a secret sauce to making this product of “Future Nostalgia”. And, we will share it with you so that you can make your life’s moments memorable. We all have something in common and, we all have occasions and loved ones. Let us use our passion, personality and proficiency for you.


We look forward to serving you and, we hope you are ready to make each year the best year yet!


Let's Make Some Memories

Wanna make more memories that matter and leave a lasting impression in love, life and business?!? put in a monthly drawing for a free consultation with the Memory Maker?!?



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