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Memory Maker Inc (MMI) is more than a business, it is a passion. In 2001, I began making
intentional efforts to host, create, and curate experiences for friends and family. Flying kites,
picnics in the park, candlelit dinners with a personal chef – I facilitated surprises of all kinds.
They were my “memory-making missions.” Year after year, the missions grew bigger, better,
and more unexpected.
I launched Memory Maker Inc in 2016, because I had discovered the secret sauce to making a
memory and I wanted to share it with the world. Intention, intrigue, and thoughtfulness are just a
few of the key ingredients; and it is my pleasure to help you deliver the final masterpiece to your
loved ones.

From unique outings on an ordinary day to highly curated special occasions, what we (you +I)
plan today will become the treasured memories of tomorrow. We provide more than event
planning – we can make anything an event! You determine the audience, the intention, and the
feelings you wish to convey. I will do the work, while you take the credit.

Let’s make memories,

Let's Make Some Memories

Wanna make more memories that matter and leave a lasting impression in love, life and business?!? put in a monthly drawing for a free consultation with the Memory Maker?!?



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