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PDA For Your Space

PDA For Your Place...Show Your Space Some Love!


If your relationship with your space is struggling, don't throw the whole room away! Add some sparkle and spice or Color and Creativity to fall in love with your place all over again. Let us add the perfect decor and accessories to refresh your room relationship!  Your room just needs a little PDA. 

This offer is for: 

  • The room that has a great foundation of furniture pieces and with just a few changes could come alive again

  • The room that has been the SAME WAY for over 3 years. It's time "makers" to refresh your environment. A fresh new look invites all the feels for the new year.

  • The person that is planning BIG things in the new year and needs their space to reflect that elevation. After all, you don't want to conquer the world and come home and feel defeated by your space. (not on my watch!)

  • The person who simply wants their space to reflect more of who they are and who they are becoming. 


Well, we got you! Being well versed in the elements of design (color, space, line, light, texture, form, pattern, scale, contrast, etc) is my passion. My purpose is to personalize those elements to you and your lifestyle. Let's make your place just a bit more YOU!!


*Terms and conditions: Budget must be over $1000. The project must be able to be completed in one day. This does not include major renovations. Most projects will not include painting. Consultation with the client is required. 

Let's Do A Feature...

Let's Do A Feature On Feature Walls!

Well, 2020 made HOME...OFFICE, SCHOOL, HAPPY HOUR, and everything in between. You may have been trying to hold back on doing any home improvement because the world is so uncertain. Well, there is one thing that is a certainty. YOU DESERVE to be in a space that reflects your style and personality! 


And it looks like we will be taking this well into 2021!

It looks like we will be WFH for the next six months but that will not stop you from building your brand! Now is the time for you to Level up your S.T.Y.L.E.

This offer is for: 

  • The mom who is tired of her children embarrassing the family by taking the computer in the "unauthorized areas" of the house! You are not trying to let Ms. Jones see these Rona Rooms. 

  • This is for anyone working from home and their boss takes some pleasure in saying, THIS IS A CAMERA ON MEETING! Ugh. 

  • This is for the entrepreneur that is ready to take her business to the next level by doing Lives on social media, Vlogs, and other videos and photo shoots to take their business to the next level. 

  • This is for all of my procrastinator friends who have been putting this off because they couldn't find the time or the will to do it themselves


Well, I got you! For the first time (and probably the last time), I am doing an all-inclusive special (that's includes all of the materials and my services) on feature walls only!

I want to curate the backdrop to your memories (and your ZOOMS and LIVES)! This is NOT a room design, it is Wall Styling! My team and I will be in and out -- leaving you with a background that you will love and others will envy! 


This is for one wall but, feel free to do other spaces in your house, too! All for an investment in your peace of mind of $997. Still not convinced, look at what a few of my clients have been able to do with walls in business!






Let's Make Some Memories

Wanna make more memories that matter and leave a lasting impression in love, life and business?!? put in a monthly drawing for a free consultation with the Memory Maker?!?



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