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An Open Letter To My Memory Makers:


    Life is a collection of stories. The moments and experiences are the many chapters. The more memorable the moments and experiences, the better the stories…you begin to create the motion picture of your life. 


     I am so happy to share in your life’s journey. You are here because you know how significant it is to make life’s moments memorable. Many go through life like its groundhog’s day…remember that movie…where every day was the same day. Many people wait until there is a big holiday to consider making a moment special for someone. But not YOU! You want to make an impression. You want nothing more than to put a smile on the face of those you truly care about. The problem sometimes is that you don’t know how to get that done.


     I created Memory Maker Inc as a solution and, I am your Memory Maker in Chief. I facilitate occasions that become your favorite story to tell.  I will do all the work while you take all the credit. I’m affectionately called the Hitch of memory making. (another great movie!)


     Memory Maker Inc. creates “future nostalgia”. What we (you +I) do today will be the memories of tomorrow. So, thank you to my moment makers, smile producers and impression executives. Let’s take this journey together!


Your Memory Maker,


Chenire D. Carter

Chenire D. Carter 


Let's Make Some Memories

Wanna make more memories that matter and leave a lasting impression in love, life and business?!? put in a monthly drawing for a free consultation with the Memory Maker?!?



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